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                                            해외 배팅사이트 비코리아

                                            Scottish ancestry of Canada

                                            Notable Fraser’ highlanders officers

                                            During the 18th century, the highlands of Scotland and the people living there were considered to be very perilous for many reasons. The violence and the viciousness of the people of the region led many to believe that they must not be given the weapons which they require or else it would be catastrophic.

                                            3 most famous persons with scottish origins

                                            The trail of Scottish immigration to Canada began in the 1770s. By 1815 only, some 15,000 locals had rehabilitated in the Canadian regions like Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the Prince Edward Island. As per the records in the books of history, the stable and better economic conditions in the Canada was the driving force behind this immigration trend.

                                            Famous Scots in Canada

                                            Famous Scots in Canada

                                            The best part is that most of the Scots in Canada have influenced the local culture in such a manner that it is unforgettable. There are many Scots who have held key positions in Canada and it is all due to their hard work and determination to succeed.

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